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Hi guys welcome back to my channel NAGJYOTI FITNESS so today's video is all about shoulder workout which I like the most to Train so let's hit our shoulder okay guys so, first of all let me tell you that our deltoid muscle comprises of three heads front,lateral And rear so for the front head we will do frontal raises for the lateral head we will do lateral raises and the rear deltoid muscle is the weakest so we have to Train it with the three exercise like reverse pec-deck machine,cable face pull, rear delt raises and at last we will do dumbbell shoulder press for the overhead growth so let's do it and make sure guys that you are doing it with proper form with suitable weights to prevent injury, so let's get started.


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Was reside the internal wanted wouldn't do it little syntel into it not there and the floor uh... there and or latin lover evidently electrode and other you're on the floor okay are…

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