Shoulder Workout for Women (SHRED YOUR SHOULDERS!!)

By: Athlean-XX for Women

We're going to be shredding our shoulders today. We're going to be doing five different exercises today to really hit those shoulders. We're going to start on the ground with a three way shoulder raise. What's great about this is we're going to be going form hitting the fronts of the shoulders, to the sides, to the back. It's great. All-encompassing move here, and we're getting core. We're just going to start on the ground in a plank position.

You can get a nice, wide stance, and we're just going to raise it straight out, off to the side, straight back. Back to start. Now you can either rest in between if you need to by putting the weight on the ground, or you can just keep a flow. Forward, side, back.

Of course, once we're done with that side we're going to move to the opposite side. We're going to do the same motion. We're going to go forward, side, back.

Shoulder Workout for Women (SHRED YOUR SHOULDERS!!)

Really think about keeping that core nice and tight. With the weight, you raise it. You can either raise it straight here and then rotate, and back.

Whatever feels comfortable to you is okay. 12-15 reps. Next we're going to go into a one leg Travolta. You'll also notice that I have quite a few different weights here. A lot of the movements we're doing, sometimes we're a little less strong in the position. With that one gravity is making the weight a little heavier. With this one you could probably go a little bit heavier. So the reason I call this a one leg Travolta is because, obviously, it's his famous dance move.

It's coming with your arm down toward your leg. You're going to pop it to your shoulder, up to the ceiling. So it's kind of that "doo-doo". Yeah. Okay. So we're going to work balance with this one, too. We're going to go down to our foot, pop it up, straight to the ceiling. Up to the ceiling.

This is very good for working balance. And down. So make sure you get that nice pop here, especially the heavier you get. The worst thing you can do is try pulling that right arm like that. You really want to protect your shoulder by keeping it close to your body, fast pop, straight up to the ceiling. All right, then of course we would get our foot as low as we can get it to our other foot, pop up, nice tight core, straight to the ceiling. To the ceiling and here. Okay.

Love that exercise. It's basically full body because your legs are getting it, you have to keep your core tight because you have to keep yourself straight. T-holds. With this one I would probably start with a little bit lighter weight because this is an isometric hold for quite a while. Actually, we can hold it anywhere from 10 seconds to 20 seconds. So with this one you're going to go into that T position.

We're going to have a nice, straight back, tight core, and we're just going to bring the weights out, and we're going to hold. So I would go for, maybe, a count of 15. We're really holding that out, trying to keep them as straight as possible, then you're just going to come down and relax.

Do maybe a 10, 15 second rest period, then we're going to raise back up. Nice, flat back, bending our front leg, our core is nice and tight keeping us straight, our whole body is shaking, and we're lowering back down. So with those, 12 to 15 reps is going to be a lot. You can drop that down to maybe six or seven reps if you need to. Once we get a little bit stronger and that gets a little easier, maybe you're holding it for 20 seconds. Then I would move up to a little bit heavier weight.

Challenge yourself a little bit more. Tapping raises. Once again, tapping raises, you're going to want to go for a little bit lighter weight because this has got a lot of movements, a little bit of isometric hold. So, with this one we're going to raise to the side, brief hold, forward, brief hold, back out to the side, tap at the top, back to the side, front again, out, and down.

So there's a lot going on. You're really going to feel this one. So we're out to the side, we're in front, back to start, up overhead, back here, tapping, and down. Last one. I'm going to change feet. We're going to go up, tap, out, tap again, back to the side, tapping, out, and lower. So, once again, this felt pretty easy for me. If I'm doing six or seven reps of that and it's still feeling pretty easy, that's when I'm going to move up to maybe 6lbs.

think about small increments when you're moving up in exercises like that. You don’t want to jump up an extra 5lbs. it's all about baby steps, really getting that muscle developed in the right amount of time and not over stepping the bounds of our tendons and muscles. It's all about baby steps. T-flies.

Okay, with the T-fly, this one we could probably go a little heavier. We're going back in that T position. We're going to get that nice, straight back. A slight bend in the front of our legs. We're going to be hitting the backs of the shoulders. We're just going to bring the weights up and think about a bird and its wings. I have a slight bend in my arms.

I'm not raising my head. Once again, I'm keeping that back and my head completely in alignment. So I'm really feeling it in the backs of my shoulders. My core is tight. All right. So once we hit 12 to 15 we're going to catch our breath. We're going to hit the other leg.

A lot of us have a non-dominant lge. This is mine, so it's going to be a little bit tougher. We're just going to do that same motion bringing our arms up as high as we can. Core is tight. Great for your balance. One thing I find with balance is, if you start falling don't freak out and tighten up.

It's best to relax. Just let your body flow back into that control. Okay, you guys. Five great exercises for your shoulders. You're hitting the fronts, we're hitting the tops, we're hitting the backs, we're hitting the sides. That's what you've got to think about when you're working the shoulders. It's all about making sure you hit everything to get that nice, rounded look with your shoulders. So, like I mentioned, 12 to 15 reps.

The tapping touches, maybe a few less with that one because that's pretty tough. Three rounds though. Push it to three rounds if you want to see any gains. Remember, small increments with your weights if it starts getting a little too light. Bring it up just a little bit.

Check out if you haven't already. Make sure you subscribe, that way you get the videos the day they come out. Hit the like button, leave me a comment. See you guys soon.

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