Shoulder Toning Workout (4 MIN SHOULDERS SIZZLER!!)

By: Athlean-XX for Women

All right, you guys! We're going to burn those shoulders out today with my four minute shoulder sizzler! Okay, you guys! We're going to burn those shoulders out today. You're going to set a timer for four minutes, set it for 20 seconds intervals with a 10 second iso-hold. So get your clocks ready to go – your timers – and I'm going to do the first two minutes with you so you don’t have to sit and watch me do this exercise four minutes. So, four minutes. The exercise is an overhead press. So grab whatever weight. You don’t have to go super heavy unless you want to, to really burn them out today. So this exercise is, basically you're going to start with your palms facing your body.

You're going to rotate as you bring your arm up, and back down. So you're going to do as many reps as you can in the first 20 seconds. The last 10 seconds we're just going to do an isometric hold. Meaning we're just going to hold it straight up. Okay, here we go. Okay, so I'm going to do the first two minutes with you guys. Okay, so I'm going to start my timer.

Off we go. We're going to start here, and we're just driving it up. Up toward the ceiling. We're rotating our lists. So remember, the first 20 seconds, just do as many as you can. However fast. If you want to go slower that's fine. Okay, now we're just going to hold for 10 seconds for that isometric hold.

Shoulder Toning Workout (4 MIN SHOULDERS SIZZLER!!)

Going to start burning after a while. Okay, now we're going to start with our other arm. Up and down. As many reps as you can go. Get nice, full extension, through the shoulder. Remember when we hear that beep again we're going to hold for 10 seconds. And we're holding. Actually, I can move my hand this way.

So I'm using about 8lbs, and I'm feeling it. I'm definitely getting some resistance here, and by the four minute mark it's going to be quite a burn. So using a little heavier weight, we're going to build and definitely get a burn going today. Okay, and we're going to hold that last 10 seconds. Okay, there's that nice little burning. And we're just going to do the same here. Okay, I'm going to be finishing my two minute mark with you guys. Then we continue on of four more minutes.

Actually, I'm sorry. For two more minutes to make four minutes total. This is a great way to just burn your shoulders out.

And we're going to hold. And there's our 10 second hold. Okay, you guys. This is a great exercise to do, maybe, after you've done a shoulder workout and you just don’t have a lot of time. Throw this in because I'm feeling it. A nice little burn right on the tops of my shoulders.

Okay, you guys. Hope you enjoyed this workout today. Hey, hit the like button, subscribe, leave us comments.

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Thanks, you guys, and I'll see you soon.

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