Shoulder Exercises to Improve Posture : Shoulder Exercises: Alternating Arms Forward Extension

By: Expertvillage

Alternating arms forward extension is just a great way to get the shoulder blades to the shoulder girdles to stabilize and start learning how to stay down where they are supposed to so your shoulders are not looking like this and your neck and your upper back area hurts when you do that. So when you get on the ball you can either stay on your knees and just bend your hips and stay in this position. Please make sure that you think of your head as having a shining light from the crown so you are keeping your head straight with the rest of the body, not here, not here or doing anything funky like that.

You want to keep the whole neck with space around. Now when you are doing the alternating, basically one hand is going to go up and the other is going to go down. The other alternative as far as the position will be extending the legs into a full extension for the legs so you have a little more challenge here. Now the idea with this move is your start with the right side or the left side for that matter, I'm going to demonstrate with the right side and as I lower my right hand or my right arm, then my left arm goes up so I'm going kind of simultaneous. If you find that this move is a little challenging, just refer to the single arm forward extensions and try those for a little while. You can also try going on your knees and you notice that I am talking to you but I am keeping my head in alignment so I want to make sure that I keep my neck in a safe position. Shoulders are pushed down not allowing them to come towards the ears. So again if you find that this is a little challenging refer to the single arm series on the arm extensions and either way happy posture to you.

Shoulder Exercises to Improve Posture : Shoulder Exercises: Alternating Arms Forward Extension

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