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This is Steve a licensed physical therapist with 24Hr Homecare, I'm here with Polly and today we're going to go over some exercises to help reduce any sort of shoulder pain. The first that Polly is going to go ahead and do is the Triceps stretch, so it's the muscle in the back of your arm. She's going to go ahead and pull her arm back, she should feel a really good stretch in the back of her arm here and a little bit in her neck and also down her side. She's going to breathe and she's going to hold the stretch for about 30 seconds, switch sides, you'll notice one side is probably tighter than the other that's okay. She's going to put her hands behind her head, and she's going to open up nice and wide and then she's going to curl her elbows together. She's going to feel a nice stretch in her back and her shoulders.

Ideally you're going to hold this stretch for about 10 seconds per position, now we do this about 5 times. These are great for posture and also helps with shoulder pain. The next one I want you to have something to kind of brace yourself. Polly is going to stand right here and she's going to do arm circles.

She's going to go ahead and bend over, she's going to let her arm dangle, and she's just going to do about 10 circles clockwise and 10 counter clockwise. Now, you can use a little bit of a weight and it takes a little bit of tension off of the shoulder and stand. Once again, make sure you hold on to something as you do this. If you have anymore questions or if you want to see anymore exercise videos please visit our website at :

Physical Therapy Exercises for Seniors: Shoulder Pain Relief - 24Hr HomeCare

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