How To Sculpt Your Shoulders (4 BEST SHOULDER SHREDDERS!!)

By: Athlean-XX for Women

All right, you guys! We're going to hit shoulders hard today with my shoulder shredding workout. The first exercise: one legged Travoltas. You're going to start on one leg with your weight in the opposite hand. You're going to reach down toward your foot, explosively come up, driving the dumbbell up toward the ceiling. Our seconds exercise: side plank press. You're going to start in a side plank, you're going to raise your leg and arm, then you're going to slowly roll over, toward the ground, and think about dropping your ear to the ground for your pushup. You're going to pushup, going back into that side plank. For the third exercise: V-press to kick up.

You're going to start in a V with your hands and feet on the ground. You're going to slowly lower your head down toward the ground. Once you do that you're going to kick your foot back, driving the other knee forward, and then explosively kicking up toward the ceiling. For the last exercise: standing scorpion pushups. You're going to start from a standing position. You're going to start bending over to the side, you're going to reach for the ground as you opposite leg comes up, over your head, and then you're going to drop down to the ground as slowly, and carefully as you can, coming back up, and walking your hands up to the standing position. Hey, ladies! You want to throw in a killer core workout? Check out and you can add it in with this killer shoulder workout we did today.

All right, you guys. Hit that like button, subscribe, and leave me comments. Let me know what you're up to, how your workouts are going, and I look forward to working out with you guys soon.

How To Sculpt Your Shoulders (4 BEST SHOULDER SHREDDERS!!)

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