arm and shoulder strength for women without weights

By: Myosource Kinetic Bands

McQueen: You can do it that way or you can do them both at the same time. Speaker 1: This is really working my triceps a lot and my shoulders. This definitely works my upper back, my triceps, and forearms. McQueen: Don't have a ..

Speaker 1: Yeah. McQueen: Okay. You can try that with one or you can do it with both. Speaker 1: It's really working my shoulder and my triceps. McQueen: Okay. Oh I'm sorry, now that curl. Speaker 1: Do I have my foot extended? McQueen: Yeah like that. Then just ..

we can do full extension curl or we can do that. Keep your elbow in one spot. There you go and then just go like that. Speaker 1: This is working my forearm a lot more than any of the other ones than this did. My bicep and my shoulder, but it's really good for forearms. Definitely feeling that muscle pretty intensely right now. McQueen: Okay now try ..

arm and shoulder strength for women without weights

just try the row. Yeah. Speaker 1: This is working my triceps. My forearm is being engaged not quite as much as the other one, but I can still feel it. My shoulder is being worked pretty good right now also.

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