Arm and Shoulder strength for women in Martial Arts

By: Myosource Kinetic Bands

McQueen: Amanda has been doing some videos for us with our lower body product called kinetic bands. What we're going to do is we're going to show you some of the things that you can do with our new product, it's an upper body product. This is just a version of resistance just like we have the kinetic bands and we're going to work on the shoulders and the arms and the abs and the lats and the areas above the waist as opposed to just the ones from the waist down. [Inaudible 00:00:25] and some demonstration on. Okay now where do you feel that? Amanda: Up here more.

McQueen: Up in the shoulder or in more? Okay so now let's see if you can come up here and come out a little bit or what direction you can actually go with. You're on the outside of the shoulder so let's put it on the underneath your arms and see how that feels. When it was on the outside you're going to see an inside grip when it's on the outside shoulder. Now she's got it underneath in the inside she's got an outside grip on the hands.

Let's see it happen. Now do you feel that in another area? Amanda: It's up in my shoulder. McQueen: Up in here? Okay but when you had it on the outside then it was the biceps in the form. Now underneath we'll go back to the shoulders.

Arm and Shoulder strength for women in Martial Arts

Can go all straight out? What is it...where do you feel it? Amanda: It feels, it's still here and then up here a little bit. McQueen: Biceps and up on the shoulder as opposed to the forearm? Okay alright let's show some of the other things that can be done...actually let's hit the bag and see how that feels. You can do it both ways if you want then let me know. So we're working on resistance and we're working on speed, power, explosion, quickness. Now let me hold that for a minute and let's have you do that without it and tell me what you feel different. Amanda: I feel a lot faster.

McQueen: A lot faster? She's just going to sit on it like that and you can work that the same thing probably with an inside grip or an outside grip. Let's kind of work on what areas you can move. We're basically just testing this.

We're trying to figure out what most of groups, what areas and how it's going to help her Now where you feeling that? Amanda: Shoulders. McQueen: In the shoulders? Okay, now let's go straight up and I'm sure you're going to feel that on your shoulders, are you feeling that in your back area? Amanda: Yeah I feel it right here in my back. McQueen: Back okay.

Amanda: [Cross Talk] McQueen: Like you feel any abdominal contraction? Amanda: It feels in the lower part. McQueen: In the lower abs? You can cross over, you can do that on the outside or on the inside, just basically do presses. Can you come out this way or how is that going to, kind of see if we can ... of course that's going to ... Let's stand up then and have you put that down here.

Now we're going to work on some biceps, triceps, lats, so let's see you ... let's work on biceps here and see that and are you feeling in the biceps here? Do you feel it anywhere else? Amanda: I feel it mainly right here. McQueen: Just right there? Amanda: Yeah. McQueen: Okay. Amanda: I feel kind right here and then I also feel like... McQueen: In the lats. Amanda: ...and then I also feel it all right here in my arm. McQueen: All up and down in your arm? Amanda: Yeah.

McQueen: Let's try sitting down again and let's do those rows that we did few minutes ago. Now take that out and come up like that. Now where do you feel that? Amanda: I feel it a lot more back here. McQueen: A lot more back here, so you can work that. Take it like this, like that and do it up and see if you feel that in the triceps? That should be a good triceps, where are you feeling that? Amanda: I feel back here. McQueen: Back on your triceps, ok.

It would build biceps, triceps, lats. I mean there's just a... Amanda: In that way you're bringing this motion up here.

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