Arm and shoulder exercises for women | Resistance bands training for your arms

By: Myosource Kinetic Bands

Elizabeth: Hi everyone, I'm Elizabeth. I do love to go to the gym, I'm a big elliptical and runner. But, I've always shied away from the weights.

I get bored with weights, I get intimidated by the machines, I usually get intimidated by all the men that are there bulking up and the mirrors everywhere. I have heard of bands before, of the rubber bands and that you can do them at home and that they're versatile. I've never wanted to try them though, just because I feel it's another way to lift a weight. Today is the first time I've tried them and I'm seriously sold.

I'm shocked at how smooth it is and again the true versatility and how you can do anything. You can work basically any part of your arm, whether it be a twist of the wrist or of the direction you're going in. I'm truly impressed with these Kinetic Bands, I never knew, they're really great.

Arm and shoulder  exercises for women  |  Resistance bands training for your arms

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