Womens fitness - abs and leg exercises for muscle toning and weight loss

By: Myosource Kinetic Bands

Roberto: Okay. This is a stand up bag here. Jane is going to strike the bag with the bottom portion of her foot. These are called sidekicks and notice she's on her elbow. Now doing this move here, I do this a lot in my adult classes for muscle tone, but it's also very good exercise because you're really working those ham strings, the glut medius, the glut maximus, the abdominals are working.

It does require a degree of balance. Time, stop. Jane: I wanted to see the progress from the last one. Roberto: Yes. I'm letting her slow the pace down.

If you're working with someone on rehabilitation have them slow the process down, because now you're focusing more on strengthen the legs, the ham strings, the gluts. You can get it into the calves, the back muscles, the abdominals. Now go fast Jane, again, go fast. Now that she's going fast this exercise, the tempo of it, is more for weight loss and muscle toneness. Keep that leg up, keep that leg up. There you go, fine kick. All right now do the opposite leg from the bottom. Got her buttocks elevated off the floor.

Womens fitness - abs and leg exercises for muscle toning and weight loss

This really works those gluts. These muscles back here are firing pretty heavily right now on those gluts. The ham strings are working. Also the arm and shoulders are getting a workout because she's having to leverage her body up. Slow down there Jane a little -- not a lot, but a bit. Once again working for rehab slow the pace down, speed up working for muscle toneness, weight loss speed up the tempo.

Okay, time. That's good. The next exercise Jane's going to do is called a bicycle kick.

She's going to strike the bag with the heel of the foot, single leg at a time, on the elbow, hips off the ground, knee touching the ground. This does require some balance, but it will strengthen the abdominals because the patient or client hips are off the ground. We're going to make these muscles fire down here at the rectus abdominis, the transverse abdominis, the deep abdominal wall, getting into some of the obliques.

Start doing movement. As she's doing the exercise you can see it requires a pretty large degree of balance. Those ham strings are going to fire quite a bit on this and believe it or not a lot of people when they do this they tell me where they feel it the most is the support side down here, because you're having to stabilize your body. With the Kinetic bands on it's really accentuating the movement and loading the body.

This is a pretty good exercise for burning the rear end. Do it real slow. Once again if you're going for rehab do it slow, going for weight loss speed up. Now she goes a little faster. Okay, time, good. Now she's working the opposite side now. As you can see here those muscles are firing pretty good. Notice she brings the knee to the chest while she's riding the bicycle, circular motion.

Those bands are loading her pretty good. East centric, concentric loading, acceleration, deceleration. Opposite side here, very good. This is called a sprinting sit up. Now as the client or patient is doing this you want to make sure the back shoulder never touches the floor and the moving leg, foot never touches the ground either because it places more tension on the midsection. This is a pretty good exercise for the rectus abdominis. You're getting the lower abdominis involved in it.

You're getting the hip flex involved in it. Okay now change sides Jane. I'm going to have her change the tempo. Now I want you to come up and pause and go down slow. Come up pause, go down slow. Come up pause, go down slow.

Once again if you're training for more strength and rehabilitation good way to do it. Training for more muscle tone, weight loss you going to speed up. Good. That's the way you want to do it. Okay, good, time. Okay, let's do biceps real quick. Jane: Sit up? Roberto: You can sit up. These are called bicycles.

All it is right and left legs turning and twisting. Getting the transverse plane oblate muscles involved. This is a stabilizer exercise also because the only thing touching is your rear end, your buttocks. There is a required degree of balance in this. Get those deep stabilizer muscles, those deep abdominal muscles.

Okay, time, good. These are called tin soldiers. This is a standing abdominal exercise.

Tin soldier crunches I should say. I was doing tin soldiers earlier, but I was doing a tin soldier crunch. Now she's bending at the waist. You talk about a good back exercise; working the gluts, working the hams, working on deceleration, working on the abdominal. This is a total body core developmental exercise. It works practically every muscle in your body from your shoulders all the way down to your calves, but really targeting the abdominals here. Okay, time, stop.

Okay, sit to go out. Now we'll go without the dumbbell. Not as much of a load, but still an effective exercise. As you're doing this you want to keep the arms glued to the head, that's the key. You don't want to swing the arms. You want to isolate the abdominals. It works the spinal muscles. Those longitude spinal muscles up and down the spine here.

Okay, time, good. Now she's going to do tin soldier crunches with two dumbbells. Places a little bit more load on the spine and the muscles around the spine, on the abdominals. Once again working on deceleration, body control. Good total body exercises. With those bands attached it's really loading the hip flexors, making those lower abdominals work, because you're bending at the waist you're getting some upper abdominals in there. Spinal flection, some hip flection. Okay, time, very good.

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