The Four-Minute Leg-Toning Workout

By: Bowflex

Hi, I'm Tom Holland, Bowflex Fitness Adviser and this is your Four-Minute Leg- Toning workout. Six exercises, thirty seconds each with a ten second cardio interval thrown in between. We're goning to start with just a 10 second cardio warm up. Let's run in place.

Ten seconds. Let's go! Elsa and Katie here, ten seconds, they're going to run in place. When we're done with that, we're going to start our first exercise, which are squats. So, squats ladies. Nice and wide, and sit back as if you're in a chair.

So now we're really starting to work those lower body muscles. You're keeping your knees behind your toes, those knees right over your ankles, and you're doing squats. From there, we are going to do a cardio interval. All right, this time let's mix it up. Jumping jacks to break it up a little bit.

The Four-Minute Leg-Toning Workout

And let's go. Ten seconds. Jumping jacks. Burning calories, Transitioning in between. From here we're gonna go to forward lunges alright? And stop. And let's go. Step forward and switch. So now we've added balance and coordination in.

Still working those lower body muscles, but now we're also working the core, and this is a more functional movement. 30 seconds of these. This is advanced, so take your time.

This is not a race. You want to really have good form. Keep those knees behind those toes. Then back to our cardio interval. Good, and let's go.

Let's do jumping jacks. Jumping jacks, 10 seconds of jumping jacks. Burning calories, getting ready to transition. From here we're going to go backwards. Backward lunges. Alright, are you ready? And let's step back.

Ready, and go. Back, and up. Make it nice and natural. Again, you may be maybe better forward, you may be better at going backwards. It's great to mix it up. The variation is what keeps your body changing.

Great job! You'll see Elsa, knee over the ankle. 10 more seconds, then we're going to go into that cardio interval again. Good. Let's go. Running in place. Perfect. 10 seconds. Keep it going.

From here, we're gonna go to the lateral lunges. And let's go. Lateral - step to the side, and then switch. You got it. Thirty seconds here.

We went front, back, we're going to the side. Working in all different plains. Really working those lower body muscles. 15 more seconds. Great job. Push off from the heel.

Five more seconds. Then jumping jacks again. And let's go. Jumping jacks. Ready, and 10 seconds of jumping jacks. Great job. We're going to take this and go back to our squat.

Are you ready? And let's just sit down into a squat position and hold. Great form. Burning a little bit? That's good. Four minutes is all you need to really tone those legs. Almost there.

10 more seconds. Don't give up. Keep that form. Ready, and let's go. Running in place one more time. Then finish up with some jump squats.

A little plyometric exercise. Alright, let's stop right here, and let's jump up. Nice. 30 seconds. This will really put the whole four minutes together. Thirty seconds. Whatever you can do. You don't have to go to high.

Just get some air underneath those feet. 15 seconds. You're halfway there. Finish strong. Four minutes, really toning those legs. Home stretch. Couple more. Five seconds and you're finished.

Ready? 3...2... and hold it. Great Job! For more tips just like this, and more fitness content, please subscribe to our channel. Get fit fast with home fitness solutions by Bowflex at Be Fit For Life.

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