Strong Legs Workout for Women (SINGLE LEG MOVES!!)

By: Athlean-XX for Women

Hey, you guys! Are you ready for my single leg work out today? We're going to kill it. The first move is a hydraulic. You're going to hold either a medicine ball, or two dumbbells. You're going to slowly lower your body down to the ground with that back leg as straight as possible.

Really think about sitting back through your heels and driving up through your glutes. Next are mule kick hops. You're going to lower down on one leg, explosively jump up as you kick that back leg out behind you. The third exercise, multi-lateral hops. You're going to explosively jump forward on one leg, jump backward on the leg, and then you're going to do a lateral hope, and then explosively land back on your leg. Then you're going to rotate. You're going to turn your body, you're going to explosively jump backward, rotate back to start. Our last exercise is front and lateral cone hop.

You're just going to jump forward on one leg. Once you've finished forward you're going to stop, turn your body, and go into lateral cone hop. Okay, ladies! Keep those single leg workouts in your routine. You'll be amazed at how fast your legs get strong. You'll start burning some of that fat and see results. So try to keep those in your workout. Hey, check out You could add in some core today, maybe look at a nutrition plan if you're struggling with your nutrition.

Strong Legs Workout for Women (SINGLE LEG MOVES!!)

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