By: Tracy Campoli

Hi it's Tracy and welcome back to my channel and today we have an awesome awesome work out for you but first of all if you're not already subscribed to my channel make sure to press that red button below and subscribe to my channel so this is the second installment of my new series work it wear it and this is going to be your short short workout so if you want to wear short shorts this summer this is the place to be make sure that you do this workout do it today do it tomorrow and do it on wednesday and then come back to my channel on Thursday and I'm going to talk to you about the clothes the short shorts that you can wear to correspond with this workout so we work it so that we can wear so let's work out ok so let's get started on all fours here ok you want to take the leg that's closest to me and extended all the way out here and just lift up and then lower no keep it really parallel this is important ok few things to think about don't think and put tons of weight into your shoulders here lift up there should be a sense of energy lifting up here okay that's it good couple more and excellent now what you want to do is bring that leg off to the side here and lift up so we're going to working your legs and your booty from every different angle making sure that you look amazing from every single angle all right and up that's it and lift good couple more hair up I'm still keeping that like parallel that's important good now keep the leg up bring the knee and we're going to internal rotation here then lift it up like you're trying to get a corner ok in and lift and in and up that end in you got it and in good and good ooh I already feel this seven bring on those short shorts that's why we're doing this good and last one will stay up here and pulse it up and up oh yes and you'll feel even that other leg working that's normal and eight now bring the leg behind you where you started help them to three parallel belly is pulled in don't let it hang down remember keeping that energy through the wrist here in the arms okay good now you're going to go to parallel like her pulse up this is so important this exercise is it that you're gonna wear short shorts because you're going to be getting all right underneath your booty here okay now turn that leg out to the side so it's an attitude ok so I'm going a little zigzag back and will lift up you should be feeling this wrapping around your butt here bring on the bikini honey seven eight nine ok lastly bring your leg all the way out to the sides before we're on a diagonal now we're at about a 90 degree angle here lift up oh my goodness and lift that's good and up lift you got it good I yes and six keep on going here seven and eight good two more stay up here pulse two three and four five seven eight nine and we'll give it a little we go stretch it out because you know we got to do that on the other side can have one like looking amazing the other one looking like a hot a mess haha so let's go for it alright so take that other leg straight behind you lift parallel and lift keep the belly pulled in and for good that's it and five abs are tight and seven eight good two more now bring that leg out to the diagonal ok and then lift it and keeping your hips square your belly pulled in and visualizing that hot outfit you're going to wear and seven remember you want to do this work out every day for the next three days and then you're going to come back and stay here pulse two four six and then on Thursday you're going to get the wear it ok so now internally rotate knee towards your knee here in and then reach out to that diagonal in reach out really get that internal rotation that's so important ok hit those different that you look amazing from every angle good two more now stay out there on the diagonal pulse it up oh yes oh yes if it's burning you're doing it right and seven ah good bring the leg behind you parallel pulse it up up this gets right underneath that booty so that your butt isn't hanging down you don't want that 9 now stay here parallel leg and pulse it up I always think it's like I'm trying to keep my thigh really at that 90 degree angle it's almost like I'm balancing something on my foot is that make sense to you know stay here keep your hips square turn out notice I didn't ship my hips and change pulse up three five yes seven if your wrist or bother you just come up onto your knuckles okay bring the leg out to the side here lift the leg and up good that's it lift it keep it straight out to the side just like you did on the first side oh yes and six good seven almost there eight come on two more we can do it nine stay here pulse - oh it burns five seven eight nine and give yourself a little stretch side to side you should feel all these muscles at the top of your thigh and around your butt really work you did absolutely amazing so I hope that you feel your booty your thighs and your hamstrings really burning so that your rear view and so that your legs are feeling tight and toned and ready to wear your shortest shorts so make sure that you come back to my channel on thursday i will link the video here down below so that you can see the wear it part of our work it wear it work out for short shorts I'll see you on Thursday Bye.


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