Leg Workouts For Women: 3 Tips for Sexy Legs

By: Danette May

Hi everybody, Danette May here. Today I want to talk about the stubborn inner thigh area. I know you guys are wanting to know how do I slim this down and make it more sexy. I'm going to give you three things. The first thing is really what you put in your mouth. What you got to it clean that slim down your legs. You can't spot, lift the area, so really choosing 80 percent of the time to eat really clean and controlling your portion sizes.

Then, I want to show you two movements that you can do that are actually going to tighten and tone the area after you've chosen to eat clean, right? The first on is the big Ballet Palais Squat. You're going to scan into pretty much like Sumo Squat. Turn your feet out, pretty wide. Put your weight to the heels and then pull your core in just like you'd be a ballerina and then go down and come back up and squeeze right through here.

I'm going to suggest that you go down and up for about 15 times. On your fifteenth time you're going to go down, stay low and do some pulses, just like that, resting in through your heels, just like that. After about ten pulses, you're going to feel it. It's going to be burning. Come back up and then go back down for five more, down and up, staying tall into your shoulder, pulling into that inner thigh. You're going to love that burn.

Leg Workouts For Women: 3 Tips for Sexy Legs

My second movement that I love is called the Pendulum swing. You're going to stand up tall pulling in your core, put your weight on one leg, reach out, trying to keep this leg straight and then come back up. If you can balance—great, if you need to sit it back down, that's okay and reached back out and come back up. That movement, not only gets that inner thigh but it will wrap up all the way around lifting up that glut.

Today start on those three things: clean up your diet, start doing some ballet, Palais squats and the Pendulum swing and you'll be well on your way to long sexy lean legs.

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