Leg Toning Workout

By: Dr. Josh Axe

Hey guys, Dr. Josh and Dr. Chelsea here. We're gonna be burning through a leg Burst Training workout. We're gonna teach you how to get legs like Carrie Underwood, or great-looking legs like Dr. Chelsea.

[laughter] And listen: working your legs is the number one body part area to work for burning more body fat. So if you're gonna to burn fat really fast, your legs are your largest muscle group. You're gonna actually... It's gonna give you a better chance of a six pack, in getting rid of the flab under your arms, and really working anything else. So we're gonna bring you through a quick leg Burst Training workout here. To get started, we're gonna start with skater lunges. We're starting right now in three...two...and one. Dr.

Chelsea, let's go. All right. You can see Dr. Chelsea here. And doing skater lunges, you're working the entire thigh area: the inner thigh, the outer thigh, the hamstrings. The thing you want to focus on here is, you wanna bring your leg behind you.

Leg Toning Workout

You don't have to touch the ground if you're more advanced. If you're doing more beginner, you can touch it and rest. Here we go. Next thing we're gonna move into are Bulgarian lunges. And you're gonna start with your left leg forward first, then your right leg. We're gonna start it in two, and one, let's go...20 seconds. The important movement here on this one is that you are going backwards.

You don't wanna be moving forward and putting your knee forward like this when you're doing this exercise. You wanna simply be lunging backwards, okay? So here we go. We got 10 seconds left, then we're taking a break. It's down and back...five seconds...and three...two...and one. We're gonna take a 10-second break here, and move on to the other side. Getting a great full body workout.

Getting out of breath, three seconds, two and one. Switching legs, here we go. And again, make sure...we never want to see this in a lunge. We never want to be going forward. You want to be dropping it down and backwards some, as Dr.

Chelsea is doing perfectly, and rest. Here we go. All right. We got three seconds left. Next thing we're gonna go into here are drop squat jumps.

Okay, ready? Go. And you can see Dr. Chelsea here is getting low. If you really wanna burn fat fast, and really get rid of some of that weight in the inner thighs, this is a great exercise to do. We're gonna go here another 10 seconds.

Here we go, six seconds, five, four, three, two...one. We got one exercise left. Oh, no, we got two left.

We've got prisoner squats and step ups. So we're gonna start with prisoner squats here in three, two and one. Here we go, 10 seconds isn't a whole long time to rest, is it? All right, 15 seconds left. And you can see here, Dr. Chelsea.

She has perfect form every time I watch her. She never lets her knees go forward. Similar thing with lunges. Here we go. And...rest. Last thing we're gonna do here, rest 10 seconds and move into step ups...three seconds, two seconds, and one. And she's stepping up. Great.

This is Tabata style. This is a great way to get the heart up, and bringing that knee right up at the end. Bringing it up. All right, five seconds left...three...two...one. All right, great job. Great leg workout. So remember, if you want to burn more body fat, you gotta work your legs.

You gotta Burst your legs. It'll help you burn more fat all over your body. Hey: this has been Dr.

Chelsea and Dr. Josh with some Burst Fit.

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