Leg toning exercises for women over 50

By: Myosource Kinetic Bands

Terri Fox: Hi, my name is Terri Fox, and I'm here to demonstrate some how-to squats for those of you beginning your resistance bands training, your kinetic bands. Know that I will be showing different variations, because it depends on where you are in your exercise regimen. The squats are used to tone all your legs. We get a lot of questions regarding saddlebags. I'm here to show you all the squats that you can do at home.

You don't need a fancy gym. You don't need fancy equipment. You can use two-legged squats. You can use one-legged squats, and as long as you're moving and you're participating, then you're doing what you need to be healthy. The first one is just a regular squat.

A lot of people need to start with a chair, so if you need to put a chair to the side or a chair in front of you, that's absolutely OK. Position is the most important. Legs are a little outside your hips. Toes are at a 30-degree angle.

Leg toning exercises for women over 50

Your position in the squat is chest up, head up, and you'll just lower your legs. If you had a chair, it would look like this. Squeeze all the way up.

If you have a chair in front of you, if you need two hands to keep your balance, if your foot comes up off the ground, then don't go so low. It's ... if your feet are coming up, you need to stretch out your back hamstrings and calves. Also, if you're teetering, don't go so low. This is progressive. If this is where you're at ... then that's all you need. You can also squat to a chair or squat to a ball.

Same position. Actually, your legs are always at the correct position. Sit down to a ball and stand up, and sit down to a ball or chair and stand up. That gives you some help on the way down. You can also ... if you are ready to begin your one-legged squats, this focus is more on your thighs and your stabilizing side muscles. Squat down to a chair on one leg and back up, if you're ready for that level. All the men ..

say that we carry our weight here, and there's a reason for that. It's childbearing. It's OK. It's a need to cover precious organs, so it's going to be the area that the fat is the most stubborn. Along with a squat, you have lunges.

You can start in a static lunge. A lunge is where one foot is out in front like you're running. The other foot is up. Your toe is down. Side view. The object of the leg stretched is so that when you kneel down, your knee does not go over your front toe. Your static is right here.

All the way down. All the way up. Then you switch legs. Now, it is far down as you can go. If this is where you're starting, then that's all you need to go to. The next would be alternating lunges where you change. You're forward.

Change legs. There's also the reverse. As you progress through this, your cardio ... your heart rate gets pulled up. You would do these same movements again without the bands. Then you start adding movement with them and adding other features. One of the ... one of a combined feature would be scissors.

You're laying on the ground. Not only are you working your legs, but you're working your abs. Your chin is up. Hands are down. You combine ... two major muscle groups, your legs and your abs to help burn fat. Do this at your ability, at your level.

You won't need any extra equipment. A chair, a ball, kinetic bands, and you're set to go. Let us know how this works for you, if you have any questions, if you have any pain, always consult a physician, but let us know how this works for you.

Let us know where you feel it. Take your measurements, and then send us your measurements again after you've done it for a month. Let us know how it works for you. Thanks.

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