Leg Stretches for Flexibility: The Three-Minute Hips and Legs Stretching Routine

By: Bowflex

Hi I'm Tom Holland Bowflex Fitness Advisor. This is the three-minute hips and legs stretch routine. Now when our muscles get tight that leads to dysfunction; dysfunction can lead to discomfort and eventually injury. So here is a really simple, three minute routine to really open up those hips open up those legs, do it anytime anywhere.

We're going to start and stay kneeling the entire time. So we're going to take it down to the mat. Lisa and Elsa going to do each stretch for 30 seconds. We're going to start with the hip flexor, kneeling and then we're going to push one hip forward. Ready and begin. So 30 seconds. So it's a very subtle movement. You may see that both Lisa and Elsa they're shifting their weight forward, pushing through their hips.

That is stretching the hip flexor, a muscle that gets super tight especially from sitting long periods of time, which most people do. About 10 more seconds. The great thing about this stretch routine is the transitions are very easy and quick. So from here we're going to go to our hamstrings. We're going to take that front leg we're just going to straighten it out.

Leg Stretches for Flexibility: The Three-Minute Hips and Legs Stretching Routine

We're going to lean forward into it, and begin. So they're going to put that heel down and now they're going to hinge at the waist leaning forward. All right? So again some really good flexibility here. You at home probably aren't as deep, maybe you are, that's great. Holding this for 15 more seconds and then we're going to finish up the side by stretching our calves. Very simple, very subtle transition in five.

four... three... two... now all they're gonna do is pull on that toe. So they're going to reach forward. Now you at home you may not be able to reach that toe, that's okay just pull it.

Pull it without touching it, that's ok. You will feel that stretch. This is the goal, to be able to actually have the hamstring flexibility and the calf flexibility to do this. 13 more seconds and all we're going to do is switch legs, do the same thing on the other side for the last 90 seconds. Really subtle, really simple, that's the key though. Three... two..

and switch. Now we bring the other leg forward, we're going to kneel and do the hip flexor stretch on the other side. Begin. Excellent. So pushing forward, you saw that movement, really just gently stretch.

You're going to feel that tightness here. When we stretch we want tightness, not pain. Just enough tightness that you feel that gentle stretch. Ten more seconds.

Then we go to the hamstring. Once again, I love to do this in front of the TV at night during a commercial break. It's basically three (two to three) minutes long, perfect time to do it. And switch. Hamstring. Leg forward.

Lean in. Awesome. Remember to breathe, don't hold your breath. Always sounds like a weird cue, but a lot of people tend to hold their breath with movements like this.

By breathing and breathing deeply, you're actually going to enhance the stretch. 10 more seconds and we finish up. We finish up with the calf on that side . So we'll stretch the hip, hamstrings, calves.

Three.. two... and excellent. So pull that toe towards you, either with your mind or with your hand. Either/or, whatever you can do. Flexibility takes a little bit of time.

That's okay. The key is to do it a couple minutes. All these minutes add up.

It's not about working out for a half hour or an hour anymore. It's getting it in throughout the day two minutes here, five minutes there. Studies show that adds up, it's the same as an hour long workout. You are almost finished five... four... three... two..

and perfect. There you have it. Three-minute hips and legs stretch routine. Subscribe to our channel for more fitness content and quick workouts. Get fit fast with home fitness solutions by Bowflex at Bowflex.com.

Be fit for life.

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