How to Do Leg & Hip Exercises | Boot Camp Workout

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Let's talk about exercises that really target your legs and your hips. One thing to mention though is, its what fitness professionals call spot reduction and unfortunately a lot of people are under the assumption that you can do what we say is spot reducing; meaning you can take an area of your body that you wanna change and just do exercises to that area to change it. And that's just not the way the body works. I can't say, I've got fat on my glutes that I wanna get rid of and just work my glutes. Fat is gonna disappear from my body wherever it wants to disappear from first. So in general, working your entire body, burning calories, doing cardiovascular activity, eating right, is what's going to get your target zones. If you wanna strengthen your hips and your legs, then you can do any type of lower body exercise from a squat, to single leg squat, a dead lift, squat jumps. Anything where you're moving your knees, moving your hips, moving your legs, is going to target all the muscles of the lower body.

And just keeping you in mind that it's going to target all the lower body muscle groups. Your quads, your hamstrings, your abductors, your adductors, your gastric, your calf muscles everything's gonna be worked as long as you are going through the basic joint actions of hip flexion, hip extension, knee flexion, knee extension, plantar and dorsiflexion of your feet; all are gonna get the muscles of the lower body to fire up. And just keep in mind, that if you wanna target a specific area on your body, just what we know from exercise science, not the way it really works. You got to work your body as a whole.

How to Do Leg & Hip Exercises | Boot Camp Workout

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