Hip and leg strength for women over 50

By: Myosource Kinetic Bands

Speaker 1: Now, we're going to do the hip rotation. Step, tap the foot straight out this side. Bring your knee up. Bring it to your midline and set it down. Step the other leg up, over, and down. Up, over, and down. Up, over, and down.

Bring it as high as you can. We want to really work that hip flexor and that hip. Speaker 2: [Inaudible 0:00:31] physical therapy on my hip. Speaker 1: Did they do that with resistance bands when you did that? Speaker 2: Side shuffles and walking backwards. Speaker 1: Exactly.

Yep. Well, we also do that. Yeah. We do the skater drills. We do reverse and forward.

Hip and leg strength for women over 50

Absolutely, when you do the skater drills and you're able to do it for balance and explosion and that's part of what I was going to show Terri, when we get into the portion of ... when we're talking about gaining ground. Because when I deal with athletes about footwork and getting back to the basics and doing good footwork, but it's because people are weak in those areas that they can't perform correctly, especially younger athletes. This is thing that actually helps them get quicker and faster multidirectional. When you're talking about doing reverse skater drills, forward skater drills, that's why I like this product.

It's endless. You can think about things for yourself, for your kids, for other people's kids in different sports. Let's go ahead and go back doing the same thing. Lauren: I think it's going to make me want to do this. Speaker 1: Right.

Well, we're going to do that next. What we do a lot of times when you do one movement, we want to do an opposite movement to complement that. When we do this, we're going to go back and we're going to do a reverse of what we've done. Center line, out to the side, and tap down. Also, we did the lunge and, generally, we do a lunge when we go reverse lunges as well. Okay? Now, just as we just talked about, now going back, you're looking here. Up then bring it over, set it down, take that step over, and down. I want you to try it.

Yes, Ma'am. I want you to try to get it up to parallel. I want the knee up to parallel and bring it around. If not bring it as high as you can, then we'll go from there. Yep. As you guys progress, we have other people progress.

We can do duck walks. There are a lot of different things you can do with these on. Now, I notice in some of the classes that you guys teach you pull weights with the resistance bands. Put these bands on. Pull all the weights you want. Always keep good form though. [Inaudible 0:03:08] Speaker 1: Yes, Ma'am.

Then also, if you're pushing a towel around the floor, use the bands. Incorporate different muscles. The things that you guys are doing right now, just use the bands and you're going to get twice the results because we're just doing about 8 to 10 minutes right here and you're getting really the benefits of about 20. Speaker 2: I'll repeat, foot goes straight ahead when you come back? Speaker 1: Up and then out, and then down, just the opposite, yeah. Speaker 2: I do this. This is your best [inaudible 0:03:58].

Because it's also important to work the hips as we get older to prevent hip problems. Speaker 1: Well, you're absolutely right and this is one of the parts of the bands that I really like. I think you can do a lot of things with this medically to help prevent injuries later on.

When you start talking about osteoporosis, you need weight building and a good resistance program to complement that, and to get workouts. Then arthritis, motion is the lotion. You want to keep the joints moving and strengthen it, especially the hip as we get older. Hip problems happen. Your health usually goes down. That's what we're doing with this. All right, so go ahead and take the bands off.

I want you guys kind of snap them off, and what we do is muscle memory. Muscle memory is we've done it with a foreign object on our legs. We take it off and we do the same thing that we did before. We'll do an abbreviated version. Now, if you were one of my athletes, we're doing it for maybe striking patterns. We're working on their running techniques. We take the bands off and so we want to make sure that their body gets back into line of what it was doing strength wise and positioning and step foot patterns. Let's do the Tin Soldier Walk.

Go ahead and drop those to the side. Tin Soldier was bringing that up, opposite foot. Are you noticing anymore range of motion than you had before? That's definitely what we're after.

Good job! Go ahead and turn around when you get to the back there. Do the birdfeeder which was touching down here, balance, going forward. You notice your balance got tremendously better. The leg is going up a lot higher. Good job! Everybody looks good.

Nobody is turning the hips. Very good! Terri, being a bodybuilder, I think this would be a good complement to your workout. Speaker 3: Yeah. [Inaudible 0:06:35] Speaker 1: Absolutely. [Inaudible 0:06:37] Speaker 1: Right. Okay. Now, facing the way, do the butt slide. Good form.

Yep. Shoulders reach, come out. Shoulder length apart.

There you go. Now with my athletes, when we do this, we talk about gaining ground, we want them to be able to get that leg out there further, quicker, and work on the first steps. Now, go ahead and get that line and go back the same way. As you progress in doing the kinetic stretch, you can also do it a little bit faster, which is going to get the quick [inaudible 0:07:40], okay? Okay, what else did we do? A lunge? Let's do a lunge now. The dynamic that you were doing yesterday when you had the weights in your hands, and doing this--yep. [Inaudible 0:07:58] Speaker 1: Well, it looked good when I watched you doing it.

You had the barbells in your hands and you were doing the lunge forward, and then you were bringing the back leg back. Do you feel that? Yep. Exactly.

Okay? Let's do the hip rotator coming this way. Calf to the side and over. [Inaudible 0:08:28] Speaker 1: Yeah. Well, again, I've talked to a couple individually, but going into the New Year, you want your body to feel good because if it feels tired and worn out, even if you're a trainer. If you've got people coming into you and you're whipping their fanny when they come in and they're paying 75 bucks at a time.

They're devoted to come in, but they don't want to, okay? Speaker 2: Make it interesting. Speaker 1: You have to make it interesting. You have to flip it up. You have to keep it fresh and fun, and that's what I like--right, exactly. That's what I like about the bands, is you can incorporate it. Now, do you guys feel like you've been through a huge workout? [Inaudible 0:09:16] Lauren: Yeah, I can feel it. Speaker 1: When you're talking about going up on a stepper and getting your cardio up, that's exactly what we're talking about. We didn't make you do anything really hard here, but we made your body work a little bit more because of the kinetic bands.

Again, I just want to tell you. Going into the New Year, incorporate the kinetic bands, put it in to your routine, get started with them, and progress to other tougher routines and maybe get hold of the trainers, all right? Everybody have a good New Year. ?? ?? ?? ??.

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