Bodyweight Leg Workout (HOME LEGS ROUTINE FOR WOMEN!!)

By: Athlean-XX for Women

Hey, you guys! Susan with ATHLEANXX. Today we're going to do a bodyweight bench leg workout. The first exercise is box squat jumps. Feet are going to be shoulder width apart, hands are going to be out, you're going to lower down, and explosively jump up, bringing your arms back behind you.

Our second exercise is Bulgarian split-squat jumps. You're going to have one foot on the bench, you're going to lower down until your knee touches the ground, you're going to explosively jump up with your front leg. Our third exercise is box squats. You're going to stand in front of the bench with your feet shoulder width apart, your hands are going to be out front. You're going to get a nice, fast pace going as you touch your butt down onto the bench into a squat position. Our fourth exercise is Bulgarian split-squats.

This time we're not adding the jump we're just going into the Bulgarian squat. With our one foot on the bench we're going to lower down touching our knee to the ground, and we're going to stand back to start. Our fifth, and final exercise; alternating one leg box squats. With this exercise you're going to stand on one leg, you're going to slowly lower down to try to touch your butt onto the bench, and you're going to stand straight up. So what's great about this workout is if you're traveling, or in a hotel room, or just don’t have any equipment with you, this is great because you can hit your legs, hit them hard with this bodyweight bench workout. Even if you don't have a bench you can use a chair, or anything that you may have lying around. All right, you guys. Go get that workout today.

Bodyweight Leg Workout (HOME LEGS ROUTINE FOR WOMEN!!)

Check out ATHLEANXX for Women. Maybe you want to throw in some arms. There's plenty of other bodyweight workouts on the site, so check it out. Hey, hit the subscribe button, the like button, leave us comments. I look forward to seeing you guys soon.

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