30-Minute Butt & Leg Workout With Weights - Lower Body Workout For a Bigger Butt

By: GymRa

(light music) - Hello, hello everybody. Welcome back, once again, to another great episode with GymRa. I hope you're doing great. With me, the very awesome, Tatiana. - Hello everyone. Nice to see you again. - This segment here is called Bye Bye Thighs and Cellulite. Basically, the workout here is gonna focus on everything in your legs; the inner, outer thighs; make it tighter, make it leaner, okay? The exercise is about 25 to 30 minutes long, and of course, I'll show you ways to make it harder, or easier, or just maintain it.

Are you ready? - Yes. - All right. - [Tatiana] Let's do it. - So, as always, let's warm up a little bit. - Okay. - Since we're doing a lot of legs today, let's warm it up, okay? All I want you to do is step to the side and pull back, step and pull, step and pull.

There you go. One, two. Two. 15 counts each side. Three, keep count for me while I yap on here. So, as you're doing this, abs tight, really tense it up.

30-Minute Butt & Leg Workout With Weights - Lower Body Workout For a Bigger Butt

(exhales) Breathe out every time you step up. (exhales) Breathe out. Get the arms moving as well. So we're warming up the legs; the inner, the outer, the front, the back, everything. - 30 total, right? - Yes. - 15 more.

- Really nice. Just go at your pace. Warming up the body, we want to warm it up to get the mind-body connection. Yeah, getting the body and the brain ready for action, ready to work. - Okay. - Very, very nice! All right, next one. Give me a split, and just bend down touch your toes, come back up; bend down touch your toes, come back up.

One. Nice, so, getting a little bit of the obliques, we'll go 15 each side. That's two, three, or as Tatiana would like to call it, 30 counts total. You know, but ... - Okay. - 15 counts each side sounds less, somehow. So you're stretching out your lower back, your upper back, the hamstrings, the glutes because your legs are split, a little bit of the inner thigh as well. Everyone, you have your own range of motion, just go till you feel a little bit of a stretch; do not overstretch please.

And as always, I hope you guys have had enough water to drink all throughout the day. Keep yourself hydrated is key. A good, good night's sleep is very key. Eating high protein, a lean protein, high quality is best. (Tatiana exhales) Nice, all right. We're gonna work a lot on the legs, so let's go like this.

One, two, so every time you pull, breathe out. That's one each side, we'll go 10 each side on this one. Excellent, so we're stretching out the knee, the glutes, and all the while we're getting the intrinsic of the ankle, the knee, and the hip to work. Those little muscles, those stabilizers at the joints to make them stronger. Get them awake. Nice and tone on the body as you're doing so.

Breathe out as you come up. - Woop. (chuckles) (light music) - Really nice. - Thank you.

- Nice. Always keep your core tense and focus. Nice! - [Tatiana] Good. - All right, so. Let's get the legs going just a little bit. I want you to hop down, and all the way up, and stretch. We'll go 10 of those.

Nice and steady, a little active movement. One. Some other times when we do this one, we go a little bit slower, but for right now, we're doing it a nice, not too fast, just a nice normal pace 'cause we want those guys to really move because they will be moving. For this exercise, you'll want some weight that's comfortable for you, remember, keep yourself challenged. If the weight's too light, you're like, eh, could've gone heavier, well, you should have, okay? And mix it up as you go along.

(light music) Really nicely done, she's good. Beautifully done. Are you ready? - [Tatiana] Yes. - All right. So first one. We're gonna hold on to the outside of the weight.

And this one, all we're gonna do is a sumo squat, it's where your feet are wider than your shoulders. Keep our posture perfect. Go down as low as you can, as you come up, knee to the elbow. Alternating back and forth. Okay, we'll go 15 each side. So squat, up, touch, one. Squat, up, touch, one. So, again, 30 count total, or 15 each side, and try to crunch a little bit on the side, so that's two.

Three. Four. Five, you've got 10 more each side. As you're doing this, you go down as low as you can, and watch your feet placement, your heel and toes, when you squat down, they should be even on the pressure. And your body should not be bending forward too much at all.

It bends a little bit, that's fine. 'Cause you want to keep your posture correction. You want to work those quads, work the glutes. Very nice. We've got 15 each side. First set. - Last two.

- Good, the back is perfectly curved, it's maintained, that's awesome. - Last one, woo. - Very, very well done, the posture-- - All right, it's crying. - It has? - [Tatiana] Yes. - All right, next one, we're doing again the sumo squat, but this time, we're gonna keep on one leg.

I want you to do a roundhouse kick. Okay, so, it's a sumo squat, kick, one. Sumo squat, kick, two.

- [Tatiana] All right. - All right? Because of the kick, we'll go 10 counts each side. All right, sumo squat down, up, kick side, one, good! Two. Now, this foot right here that's balancing. Three, we're not pivoting it at all. We're going sideways on it.

'Cause all we're doing is we're trying to do a little kick, but it's almost like a side leg lift. So you don't necessarily have to pivot it in, just like a side kick, which we will do later. Very good posture, abs are tight. Yeah, hold on to that weight so you contract all the shoulders and traps. - All right, the second one, all right. - All right, 10 on the other side. Up, (makes kick effect), one, good, breathe. Abs tight.

Two. Very nice, three. Four, so you kick as high as you can. Five, but maintain perfect control.

Everyone is different. And if you can't kick, to modify it, just give me a side leg lift. Nice. - Eight.

- Very good, very good. Woo, all right. Now, pick up the other weight as well.

You're gonna hold on both hands like so, sumo squat; this is a burner, trust me. We're gonna go 15. All you're gonna do is you're gonna go all the way down, but come up halfway and pulse, like so. - Ooh. - Oopsie. - [Tatiana] Okay.

- Here we go! - Okay. - Nice and tall. Tense up on those arms again, get those arms shredded, and up halfway, right there, one. Two, good, keep your posture perfect.

Three, no bending forward too much. Four. You wanna burn it out, five. Get the inner thigh, six. Good quads, your glutes, seven. Nice and slow, eight. Steady on the pace, nine. 10.

11. - [Tatiana] Whew. - 12, you're screaming yet? - Yes. - 13. 14.

- [Tatiana] Oh. - 15, whoohoo. That was awesome.

- Wow, looks easy, but no. Not easy. - Hold on to the weight right here. We're gonna do a side step sumo squat, okay? So right here, you're gonna step out, sumo squat, step in, step out, sumo squat.

- Okay. - All right, we'll go 10 counts on each side. So squat down, one. One, good, perfect posture. She's not bending forward at all. Even pressure at the heel and toes.

Two. Abs tense up. Imagine somebody's gonna come by and just hit you in your stomach. What would you do? You'd want to tense it up.

No, you don't hit them back, 'cause this is a workout. Four. Good, perfect posture, nice and tall like that. Five, halfway there.

Nice. Six, good, squat, breathe out on the way up. (Tatiana exhales) Seven. So good. Eight. You're all right? - Yes.

- Nine, just one more each side. - [Tatiana] One more. - I know you're burning it. - Burning, yes. - And ... - Last one. Oh! - Good! Give me those weights.

- Oh, my legs. - Very, very good. All right, now. Next one, we're gonna combine the two. We're gonna do a reverse lunge, up jump into a side squat. Boom, okay? So we'll keep on the same leg for 10 reps. So, give me a reverse. Good.

Up jump, out into a sumo squat. One, good, nice little jump, and again. Kneel back, jump, side, jump, that's two. Lean it.

Three, good! Four, just 10 reps. Five, your legs should feel so heavy right now. - Yes. - Push it, push it through. Seven. The up jump, good, that little jump works so much.

Eight, just think of the space shuttle. All that fire that has to come out just to lift that body up. Exactly the same for you. To get into that leaving-the-ground jump, you're burning your quads really, really well. - Last one. - Nice fast twitch.. Good job.

- [Tatiana] Whew. - All right, relax for a second. - Okay. - Now, you got the other side. - Yes. - All right, and reverse lunge and the up jump. One, beautiful.

Up jump and side. Two. Three, excellent.

Good, good form, nice and steady. Burn it out. Four. So, to make it a little bit easier, you don't have to jump, just pull the knee up. Five. To make it easier still, when you lunge back, you don't have to put your knee all the way down. Six. Just do a little step back.

Seven. Last three. (light music) Yikes! - Oh. - Let me go back and give you one. Thank you. Now this time, you're gonna hold on to the weight in the middle like so.

You're gonna hold it down here. We're gonna do a sumo squat up into a side high knee up. - [Tatiana] Okay. - Back and forth. 15 each side. - [Tatiana] All right.

- All right. So squat low, knee up, side crunch, one. Two. Remember, this whole routine is to help you with your legs; to tense them up, tighten them up, shred them up. Get those cellulites, get those things burned off. You're working hard on it.

Do this every time you can when you do legs. It makes your legs leaner, stronger, really, really tight. It hits your quads, your glutes, everything. Inner, outer thigh. Really good, and of course, always core.

And your arms are getting a little work out too. Get it high, excellent. Nice. (light music) - Five more - Nice, doing great. (light music) Keep going. - [Tatiana] Two more. - I'm gonna grab something. You've got two more each side, I'm gonna grab something that resembles some sort of a height, like a chair.

- Whew. - Nice! All right. - I'm gonna rest. (chuckles) - The reason why I grabbed this is because this is what's available right on the spot. And what you're going to do, go ahead and give me that weight.

Thank you. You're gonna do a squat, but uneven squat. So you're gonna have one leg on, make sure whatever you use, whether it's a step or anything, it's stable. You should not move or tip over, okay? So be very careful with that. So give me a sumo squat stance over there. - Oh, okay. - So, basically face the front, and you're just gonna give me a low squat, up and down.

Like so, 15 reps, okay? One. Nice. Two.

Three, the unevenness of it, four, force your body to work out in a different way. Five. And always breathe out on the way up. Six, and when you do so, it forces your body to recruit the muscle patterns differently. (chair scrapes away) - [Tatiana] Woop. (chair scrapes back) Thanks. - I'll hold on to that. - [Tatiana] Thank you.

- Like I said, make sure it's very stable. Let's go five more on that. Breathe, one. Two. Three. Four. And five.

- [Tatiana] Woo. - Tag team, switch! - Yes! - All right. And all the way down, one. So, for you, remember, you go down as low as you can, but maintain perfect posture. Nice.

And always breathe out on the way up. (Tatiana exhales) Really, really good. Keep those core tight, keep the abs tight. Focus on your quads and your glutes.

You wanna feel the contraction, you wanna fell the burn. You wanna get there and maintain it. - Five more. - Nice, don't cheat yourself. If you can go a little bit lower, of course, do so. But maintain the perfect control. - And last one. - Nice, give a push.

- Woo. - Good. - [Tatiana] Thank you. - All right, how are you feeling? - Feel good, feel sore like always. Ready for the next one. Thank you for helping. (chuckles) - Very good. All right, so next one, we're gonna do a side lunge into a side kick.

Okay, so you're gonna go side lunge, hands here, as you come up, pull and kick out, then go again. One, and pull and kick out; two, and go again, we'll go 10 counts each side. Go at a nice steady pace. Up, pull the knee, and kick, one. Up, pull and kick, two.

Good! So now, pull the knee up and then kick out. - Okay, so good balance. - Three, yes. Four, good. We'll go 10 counts each side. Five. Six.

Seven. Eight. Nine. Last one, abs tight, breathe out, good. 10.

- [Tatiana] Woo! - Nice! Shake it off a little bit. Find the position, and go the other side. So it'll be side lunge there, good. One. Good, nice and stable.

Two. Very stable on that side, and knee, kick out, three. Always wanna breathe out when you kick.

(Tatiana exhales) Four. Five. Six.

Seven. Really good, keep those abs really tight, eight. Perfect posture. This is where when you kick side, you wanna pivot, that's fine too. - Oh, last one. - That is killer. (chuckles) - It's a hard one.

- Back to the weight. Thank you very much. Hold on to it again right in the middle. This time we'll do a sumo squat with a little jump, called plyo squat, okay? Body's perfect, do not bend forward, like so. Down as low as you can go, as you come up, just a little soft jump and land, and again, okay? - All right.

One. Two. Three. Excellent, focus on those legs. Four, five. (light music) - 15? - Yeah, that is it.

Really, really nice. - [Tatiana] Thanks, oh. It's hard. - All right, we're gonna hold on to the outside of it now. All right? - [Tatiana] Okay.

- Well, you're gonna give me a curtsy lunge, and then up into a high knee. All right, we'll do that. So, curtsy into a high knee. One.

High knee up. Two, yeah, that's it. Down, high knee up. Two. We'll go 15 each side. High knee up, three, nice! The curtsy allows you to focus a little bit more on the inner. Go underneath, then have to pull and push in order to get you up and out again.

Really good balance. And you may look at the knee and say, "Well it's bending a little bit sideways." Don't forget, we want to move in a normal range of motion that we're able to, so that we don't ever lose it. The knee, yes it bends forward and backward, but it also could do this. So while it could do that, go into a side lunge like that underneath, called a curtsy, also helps it to be strong in that motion, because if you trip over something, you stumble, you'll want those parts to be strong as well. - All right. - All right, other side. And side, one, good. Two.

Three. Four. Five.

Six. Doing really good. Seven. Eight. Perfect form, she's going at a very nice pace.

(light music) - Last one. - You got it, you got it. - Whew.

- Oh my, all right, hold on to both. (chuckles) - [Tatiana] Oh my god. - Really good. All right, next on here, just two more. This one and one more, you okay? - All right. - Okay, good. Hold on to it, lock it out. I want a side lunge, and as you're here, lean everything onto this leg and side leg lift, and then come back, one.

Side lunge, lift, two. - All right. - We'll go 10 counts each side. It may look a little easy, but trust me, when you have to lift up that side leg, once you're down into a lunge ... - [Tatiana] Like this, right? - Yep, now lift, lift this leg up. One, good, now come back. - All right. - Lift, two, now come back.

Bring your legs together. - Oh, okay. - All right, side step out, lunge down, side lift. Nice! We'll count that as two. Nice! Three. Lift it up! Good. Four, so now, of course, the focus, inner, outer, especially the outer, right there.

Nice. Very, very nice. Good, tense up those arms as well. Work those muscles right there as you're doing it. You're working on the legs really hard. Why not take a little time to burn out those arms as well.

Very good, other side. - Wow. - (chuckles) No joke, right? - No joke. - All right, here we go. So side, down and lift! One, good! Abs tight, down.

Two. Push it through, you guys got this. Just a little bit more and you're all done. (light music) Nice! And as always, brand new legging right here. One of a kind here at Gym Ra. You should be able to get them by July if you order it online, and online only, sorry, no where else. And be expecting soon to have beautiful matching top as well.

- (exhales) All right. - You're good? - [Tatiana] Sure. - All right, give me this. Put the weights down, we have one last exercise to do. - [Tatiana] Wow. Okay. - You're good? - Good, I will do it. - All right.

So now we're gonna combine, I need your arms apart, okay. You're gonna give me a reverse, up into a side, okay? And then reverse again. - Looks interesting. - Yes.

So reverse. - Okay. - Good. Up into the side, one. Good, a little curtsy, into a side leg lift, two. Three. Breathe and lift, four.

This gets a little bit more of the outside right here. Five. Six. Now, as you're doing this, remember, keep in mind, seven, you can make it easier by bending the knee up. Eight. Or you can make it harder like she's doing, by going straight. Very, very nice! 11. - [Tatiana] 15 right? - Yes please.

- Thank you. (chuckles) - 12. 13.

14. So good, so good. Ouchy! - Ouch. - All right, halfway there! - All right.

- Another half ... - [Tatiana] Last one guys. - And you're home free. Good, good legs.

One. Two. Three. Four, good! Abs always tight, five. Six. Seven. Nice! My, looks like light by the end of the tunnel. (Tatiana laughs) She's just going all out.

I guess it's done! - [Tatiana] Second breezing. - Woo! Even though she's picking up the pace a little bit, she has total control, okay? Always keep total control when you're doing your thing. - And last one.

- And done! Woo! - Woo! - And that was awesome! Awesome! Awesome! (high five claps) - I'm going to Russia. - Wait. - [Tatiana] Two months! Guys, I hope you'll be okay, so-- - Oh no, she's gonna be leaving us for two months. What shall we do? - You should do something now. (chuckles) - [Trainer] What do you mean? - I was working so hard, my legs is done, I'm done. Now, you're going to do it.

- Okay. - [Tatiana] Okay? You ready? - So, once again, we have one of those challenges, right? - Yes, yes, challenges. I love them. - Something hard with the legs. - Something hard with the legs, yes. - All right, I know, how about we do a piston squat, down into a full sit-up, and then up again. - Sounds good.

- All right, I'll show you a couple one. - Okay, show me. - Always on the spot. Always on the spot, all right. Of course, I'm not really warm, but I'll show you, okay? - Just a couple, just to let us know. - [Trainer] Yeah, yeah.

Payback is such a, you know. All right. (inhales) - Whoa, that's hard.

Oh my god. That's a crazy balance. Wow, okay. I believe you; you can do a lot of stuff. - Thank you. - [Tatiana] Maybe, next time I'll ask you to do something but ... - Okay. - It's okay, it's enough.

(laughs) - You know, just a little bit on the legs. Okay, as always, we gotta cool down. All right? She did such a great job, folks. Okay, on the leg, let's go with the back first. Walk, and stretch, and we'll go 10 counts each side. - Okay.

- Breathe out, one. Breathe out, two. Breathe out, three. Four, so, basically, we're doing 20 counts. Really nice, so you guys, you did a great job of burning out your legs, your inner, your quads, your glutes, your outer thigh. So now, we're stretching them out, okay? To kind of, like, slow everything down, get a nice little stretch on them. And of course, after this, what are you gonna do? You're gonna eat protein, you're gonna consume protein somehow.

Protein shake, lean meat with salads, okay? You gotta get the energy right back into those muscles you've just burnt. That's a great way to optimize it. - [Tatiana] All right. - Nice! All right, let's spread it out.

Let's get the inner, outer, and the stretch, push, and side. Nice. Really good.

And a little bit back, hold for a couple of seconds. We'll go three times each side. Get a nice stretch, keep those legs straight. So as you turn to the side, you get the outside here, the hip, the IT band stretch.

Your abductor's on the outside. Really nice. - All right. - We are really gonna miss you, you know that right? - I'm gonna miss you guys too. - Yeah, well. - [Tatiana] You too.

- We'll see. (Tatiana chuckles) All right, now, to stretch the inside, you're gonna pull it up like this, and push, and then back and forth. Just a nice little stretch. Pull, and then push down, yeah, and then back to the other side. - Whoa, this is hard. - There you go. You can hold on to the shoe, oopsie, and twist it out.

Or you can hold on to the front of the leg and get that little stretch. Just a nice little back and forth. Really good. And you know what? Who knows, maybe next time, we'll go with you to Russia, and we'll film something there.

- That's a good idea. - Right? - [Tatiana] Yeah! You can come now. But you need Visas. (chuckles) - Ah, I heard the Visa's a little bit too expensive, I'm gonna pre-plan it next time. - [Tatiana] All right. - All right.

Now, let's get the hamstrings in the back. Lock out your legs straight. Bend down, stretch out please. Good, again, by keeping the legs straight, you're focusing on the stretch with the glutes, the hamstrings, the calves, the lower back.

After a little bit longer, we're gonna bend your knees a little bit to focus more stretch on your lower back. All right, bend your knees a little bit, and just hold it down. Excellent! Now, you can tell, that now you feel more of a stretch in your lower back. And after a few more seconds, when you come up, come up slow. Do not rush it.

(Tatiana exhales) Nice. - Nice. - Thank you so much, everybody. That was such a great session. Tatiana, thank you. Thank you again.

You were amazing as always. - Thank you so much, and I will miss you guys, and you too. I'll see you soon, we'll do it again soon.

- Absolutely. Until next time, everyone. Thank you so much.

I will see you back here for two months without Tatiana. But then after that, she'll be here with us again, yes? - Yes, of course. - And then, hopefully, sometime after that, we'll see her at her place in Russia.

Until then, good bye, bless you, and have a great day. - Bye bye. (light music).

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