How to Do a Jumping Lunge | Plyometric Exercises

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Hi, I'm Pauline and I'm back with another great plyometric move. Okay, this is a killer. This is a quad killer, hamstring, glute killer, cardio killer, but it's great to have in your arsenal. So this is a jump and lunge. What you're going to do is, I want you to take your leg back on your toes, just a heel to toe movement, but I need you to make sure that everything is lined up. So hips are lined up, you're going to center your body and you're going to dip down, all right? This is the start of the movement.

Okay, feet together, let down, feet together as I'm doing this. I have to make sure my core is tight, and you do too, because once you lose your tightness in you core, everything falls apart and you're going to hurt yourself. So it's really important to focus on keeping your core tight, shoulders down so that you're in line. Okay, so this is a jumping move.

I'm just showing it to you slow, so that you get the movement. Okay, so I'm going to speed it up. Once you start here, you're going to jump up, land soft, front leg you're landing on your heel, back leg on your toe, okay? Heel in front, landing on your heel, land on your toe in the back. Again, driving force heel to toe. Heel to toe; heel to toe; heel to toe. Okay, sometimes I get a lot of questions about - from ladies - of how to build my glutes.

How to Do a Jumping Lunge | Plyometric Exercises

I'm telling you this is a good builder. Once you're down here, your hamstrings are primarily loaded up, as well as your butt. And because you're pushing off your heel, which is attached to your hamstring and you butt, you're going to work on your glutes. So again, up, back down. Not going to forget the quads, but this is a quad burner. So again, if you're new to this, start by going down, coming back up, and walking it.

Okay, so you can walk it this way. If you're still going heel to toe, until you get really good, then you can soften it up. So go up, jumping forward so I'm heel to toe, okay? That's how you do a jump lunge.

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